The annual Greg Mayo Band Christmas Spectacular is THIS FRIDAY at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2!  Come decked out in your favorite Christmas sweater and sing some good old soul with us!  For some (stupid) reason, we skipped our Christmas show last year, and I spent all of 2015 in a remorseful daze. I won't let that happen again! Come on out and celebrate the holiday season!
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Hey hey!! Welcome to GregMayo.net.  I'm a Producer/Guitarist/Keyboardist living in New York City.  Please check out some of the audio samples and let me know what you think!

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The TV Adds 10 pounds... 

Lots going on here at GnM studios and other circles in which I've been swimming.  I'm so excited about all the music I've been making, I don't know where to start... Ok -  in no particular order -

Talay has released her record!  Earlier this year I did some producing and guitar playing on her debut EP entitled Piece by Piece. It's been getting some great reviews and she's got oodles of shows coming up.  Check it out!

Also - BIG NEWS has crested the horizon and I can finally talk about it - ItsTheReal has sold a scripted television show to MTV!!!  Yes, that's right, at some point over the next year, you'll be seeing these mugs on a flat screen near you! I'm not exactly sure what role I'll be playing on the project, but I imagine I'll have something to do with the music for the show and I might even play myself here and there on screen!

Here it is in their own words -

Eight years ago, we began putting out weekly sketch videos that commented on the goings-on of the music and culture we loved: hip-hop. Slowly but surely, we grew a large and loyal audience who appreciated our voice and specific and funny point of view.

Five years ago, we went from sketches with Cam'Ron and Max B to conducting short-form absurdist interviews with Stevie Wonder and Dwight Howard to hosting podcasts with Just Blaze and Jojo.

Two and a half years ago, we put together a mixtape with DJ Drama, where we rapped alongside Bun B, Freeway, Maino, Lil Jon and Hannibal Buress, called Urbane Outfitters, Vol. 1. We performed at Bonnaroo, and our listening party was at Diddy's personal studio, sponsored by Cîroc.

And we're proud to announce that last week, we signed papers selling a scripted TV show to MTV. It's co-produced by Get Lifted and Legendary Pictures, and our show runners are Jeremy Miller and Dan Cohn. It's written by us, it stars us, and is executive produced by us and John Legend.

Stay tuned, cause it's gonna be pretty exciting where we are a year from now!

That's all for now, see you on the next one! 

Truly, Truly Outrageous 

It has finally arrived!!  I've been a little cryptic lately about a project I've been working on over the past few months.  Well here's the whole story -  Late last year I was asked by my friend Ryan Vaughn to write and produce a tune for a compilation he was putting together. He gave me a list of song titles and lyrics from the show Hasbro show, Jem and The Holograms.  I quickly put together a tune called LoveSick (eventually sung immaculately by my friend Chrissi Poland) and sent it over.  He (and they) liked it enough, and we got the gig!  Over the next few months, I ended up writing or co-writing and producing 3 more tunes. Beat This (sung by Alice Lee), Glitter and Gold (sung by Suzanna Choffel and All In The Style (sung by Ben Thornewill of Jukebox the Ghost) The record came out yesterday and is available on iTunes as we speak! I'm super proud of this record and a lot of my friends did a ton of great work to make it what it is. ENJOY!!!

In other news, last month I had the pleasure of dashing across the country with Leslie DiNicola.  She is a tremendous folk/pop singer/songwriter and is a wonderful human being.  We've been opening for another incredible human being and singer named Lee DeWyze.  Check out her music, I'll be playing with her here and there for the foreseeable future!   

See you soon!  GM

Studio Rat 

I'm sure many of you have heard the term 'Studio Rat'.  For those who don't know what that is - it's basically someone who spends all their time in the studio, gets little or no vitamin D and looks it, and sometimes suffers from a slight version of non-24-disorder.  I wouldn't say I've been called a studio rat before, but I sometimes feel like one.
I'm writing you all from a coffee shop in sunny LA, surrounded by 'writers' of 'scripts' and 'books' and people taking 'meetings' because they don't want to pay for an office (or wifi).  Over the past few weeks/months, the emails have piled up and the social media to-do list has gotten too long to bear.  So a week away (for work) has left little pockets of down-time where I've been able to catch up a bit!  So here I sit, writing emails, taking phone calls, and updating my website! (hypocrite!)

I spent a couple days in Last Vegas this week performing for Hasbro at the 'International Licensing Expo/Convention Thing'(official name, I swear).  Promoting a project that I'm not actually allowed to mention (yet...).  Strange, I know, but I promise I'll be able to explain more soon.  For now - here's a picture of us performing at the Hasbro 'booth' -

Then, we flew to LA for a show tonight with the wonderful Leslie DiNicola at Hotel Cafe!  By the way, I'll be performing with her on the road for 3 weeks in July.  I just updated my 'shows' page, feel free to check it out and come see us play!  We're opening for American Idol winner Lee DeWyze

Back to the topic of my post in the first place - Studio Rat - As I said before, some of it I'm not allowed to mention just yet. But it's awesome!  I swear!  Aside from that, ItsTheReal and I are back in the studio working feverishly to finish our next batch of tunes (read: mixtape 2?  album 1?  singles?  what's the difference? MUSIC!!).  The soul/RnB project BSKI is approaching the finish line with it's/our first EP, I hope to be able to post some things very soon. 

And, GnM Studios (my awesome little name for my awesome little space) welcomed Secret Someones for a day of vocal recording for their forthcoming album!  We also had Chrissi Poland and SKYES in to record vocals for the super secret project I mentioned above.  As my friend Ryan said today 'That's all the latest and greatest.'  See you next time! 

The Off-Season 

Hey all!! 
So, this was supposed to be the 'off-season' for work and gigging.  Not as many parties, weddings, or gigs to play.  Just a long driveway to shovel again and again... and again.  But that lovely picture of a January/February seems to be anything but the truth. 

- First, a former student of mine, Megan Talay (who has become an wonderful guitar player/singer/songwriter and friend) asked me to help her finish recording her debut collection of songs.  She nailed it, of course.  My good friend Jonathan Jetter of Right Angle Recording did an incredible job mixing, and it should be entering your ears any day now!

- I also produced a track for my good friend, Kasey Williams, called Kiss Me.  A sweet, sexy, jazzy, bluesy track we did here at GnM Studios.  It is available for download as we speak!  Also, check out the music video! 

And of course, BSKI and ItsTheReal are both coming along nicely.  I'll keep you updated!
Thanks for checking in! 

In The Trenches 

I've spent the past couple months in the trenches.  Literally and figuratively.  I've been working my days away in the studio on a few new projects (figurative trench 1). I feel like I've seen (and played) every catering hall and barn within a 60 mile radius of NYC, and I've played every terrible father/daughter song in the book (use your imagination) (figurative trench 2).  And I actually took some time off with a 2 week trip to France where I happened to explore Normandy (literal trench!).  Check my Instagram for some pics of my travels!  A small piece of advice from your friendly 30 year old know-nothing musician type - TRAVEL as much as you can!  Go explore!  Because why not.

- My very favorite hip hop group (which happens to contain my very favorite people), ItsTheReal are working on our second mixtape, #UrbaneOutfitters 2.  In my humble opinion, it kicks the ass of last year's record and when it comes out (sometime in the late fall, I think) you will agree!

- Next week I'll finish mixes on Sabrina Stone's new EP!  We've been working the last couple months to finish up this beautiful record.  I was brought in usher this baby across the finish line, adding a few sparkles here and there and producing final vocals, and finally mixing!  Expect it out in the world before the end of the year!

- I've been co-writing and playing a bit with my friend Brian Collazo.  He is one of the most incredible vocalists I've ever heard an I'm honored to have been working with him lately.  Not only that, but he has chosen ME to produce the debut EP of his new project entitled Bski. We started tracking this week, and this record is going to SLAY.  More updates as we progress! 

Check back with you soon!

Mean Love video and record release date! 

“Mean love from Emmy Wildwood is something that mainstream pop should accept into their hit parades. There is raw, authentic, soul and emotion here!” -NERDYS TAKE (read full article here!)

Emmy Wildwood has released the music video for her lead single Mean Love off of her appropriately titled Mean Love.EP (Produced by Zach Jones and ME!)  Check it out!  AND be sure to check out the EP when it comes out on JUNE 24th!

New Stuff!! 

Hey hey!!  So, a couple months back Brooklyn Sugar Company was in Boston to play a show at Cafe 939.  While we were there we met up with the guys at Big Old Big One and shot at video for our song ' Guide Me Home'.  Check it out, hope you enjoy it!

And finally, Emmy Wildwood will soon be releasing the first single off of her new EP, produced by Zach Jones and myself.  As soon as its released, I'll be sure to let you know!

My first post!! 

First let me say thanks for stopping by!! I've been working on lots of great stuff lately.  Recently I spent 20 hours in the Dominican Republic, produced a hip hop tune that was featured on Buzzfeed, and performed on 2 national television shows(for different nations!).  Currently I'm producing (alongside my good buddy Zach Jones) an EP for Emmy Wildwood.  The first single from that should be out in late February.  I'm headed to Nashville for a couple days to work with Superstar records on Andrew Morstein's new record!  Busy time!  Its all happening!!


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