The Kids In The Back!! New MUSIC!

Rock and Roll will ruin your life if you let it. Please won’t you let it?
I am so incredibly honored and grateful that I get to work with two of my musical and personal idols, Martin Rivas and Zach Jones 
A song of our love of rock and roll, and the quest for SONGS that keeps us alive. Martin put it best - 
A celebration of the ones who make rock and roll, well, rock and roll. The dusty-record-bin hunters, seeking salvation in every sound on the platter and every image on the sleeve... the diehard arena gods of the future, cutting their teeth in poorly-soundproofed garages and rickety venues across the globe... the kids too young to cheer up front, relegated to the back of the club but screaming loudest nonetheless....” 
Give it a listen(or 10), won’t you?! - Available at all your favorite online retailers and streaming services!

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