it's (almost) The Most Wonderful Time Of Year!

Folks!  The season of Holiday is upon us!  It also happens to be the season of my birth, so... you know... double whammy.  Traditions abound - dinner with the family, exchanging presents, sledding around the local golf course... and of course - The Greg Mayo Christmas Spectacular!!  This year is EXTRA special, because we'll be releasing a Holiday EP at the show!  Here's all the info - 

Greg Mayo Band Christmas Spectacular! 
December 20th - 8pm
Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2
21+       FREE SHOW

 - In other news, new music coming soon!  The Robbie Gil Band EP3 is finished and ready to hit your ears!  Release show slated for Nov 17th at Rockwood 2.  
 - My mates BSKi, Steven Salcedo and I recorded a cover of the Stevie Wonder classic You Haven't Done Nothin'.   I was a pile of nerves leading up to the recent midterm elections and I felt we needed to shake some of it out in a positive way.  Thank the universe for Whitney G-Bowley and GiG.  She was feeling exactly the same way and happens to be a brilliant dancer/choreographer.  We all put our heads together, and came up with this!  As topical today as it's ever been - 

... And finally, a slightly cryptic message - Something really cool coming relatively soon.  A project I've been thinking about for a long time is finally in the works.  More on that as it materializes.  

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